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                LQ?a href="/vodsearch/-Man------------/" target="_blank">Man Lee Pang Ma Cheung ...

                cdQ?a href="/vodsearch/----%E4%BC%A6%E7%90%86---------/" target="_blank">伦理 



                导演Q?a href="/vodsearch/-----Mak--------/" target="_blank">Mak Heung Wing 

                更新旉Q?019-09-17 15:41:27



                  Nutty X-rated porno/kung fu movie. You must see this one to believe it! Evil Duke Lee Chow uses a horny monk with a super-powered crank to test for virgins in a bloody hymen busting ritual. The monk is able to break boulders and do spinning push-ups with his crank! He meets his match in a super-virgin who can jam a long pole up her twat, snap off the end and shoot it across the room like a ping pong ball! Whe she spreads her legs a green light flashes from her crack and lightning strikes! In one disgusting scene a woman has her pussy roasted over an open fire and basted with spices?Mmm! You must get this one!